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  • Can I give more or less than the calculated amount? You are free to leave whatever amount you wish. Our calculator is meant to serve primarily as a recommendation based on your dining experience.
  • My food was really good, but my server was slow on drink refills, how should I rank my experience? Rank the food based on how good it was (4 or 5 stars, in this situation). In the case of slow refills, you can ask yourself if it was a speed issue or a service issue. During peak restaurant times, service may become slow based on volume of people dining, in which case you can rank the slowness of drink refills based on speed (1 or 2 stars) if your server was still friendly (4 stars). In a situation where the restaurant is not busy at all, a long wait on drinks could be an issue of server attentiveness, in which case you could rank both categories—speed and server friendliness—accordingly.

    This would be a hypothetical situation, but feel free to use it as an example when ranking your own dining experiences.
  • How do you determine tip amount? We went in with the idea that an outstanding dining experience (5 stars across all three categories) would merit a tip of 20% on the total bill amount. From there, different combinations of stars will calculate an amount anywhere in the 5-20% range. Our categories are weighted, with an emphasis placed on the quality of food. Later versions of our product will allow guests to customize their experience based on the factors they find most important.
  • What if I am splitting the bill with other people? No problem! You can either plug your total bill amount into Tips-Master, to determine how much money the collective table should leave, or you can simply use it for your own share of the bill. Other people in your group can use Tips-Master for their personal experience as well.